Strategy Is A Recipe For Success!

Online Marketing Strategy Recipe

Strategy is used in everyday life to complete the tasks of our lives without you even knowing it. You would not cook a meal without knowing what you are cooking, what ingredients are needed, what temperature to cook the food at, etc.

Online marketing is no different to cooking a meal as a strategy is required to cook the best online marketing Bolognese you can.

A strategy in online marketing defines where you are now, where you want to go and how will you get there. Many people know where they are now and what they want to achieve but they do not know how they are going to get to where they want to be. This tends to put many people off online marketing, but it is important to market online because it gives you the opportunity to expose your business to over 2 billion users with 70% of those using the internet everyday (stats acquired from

Online Marketing Ingredients (The Tools)

There are many tools you can use for online marketing and it can be a daunting task learning how to use them and could cost you valuable time trying to figure out each one.

Some tools that you can use online to leverage yourself in the online marketing bake off include social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), a website, a blog, videos, emails and more.

Which ingredients do you need and how much do you need of each? A strategy will plan out what tools are the best fit for your business and the amount of content needed in each part.

Online Marketing Cooking Instructions

With online marketing, you need to constantly stir (add content) the ingredients to make sure it is cooked consistently all the way through (gaining publicity). If left to stand, you may find that your online marketing will cool off which you do not want.

What content do you put up? A strategy can set a plan of what type of content goes up and which tool you will put it on. Make sure that the content is of good quality as this could ruin your online marketing Bolognese if done incorrectly.

In Conclusion

Setting up a strategy will help guide you through your online marketing experience and make it easier for you to plan what to do next.

What ingredients would you include in your online marketing Bolognese? Comment below and let us know.

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