Personalised Video for Todays’ SME

A good sales person who is able to talk to a prospect will be able to shorten the journey from initial interest to close of sale because they can adjust what they say or offer throughout the process.

This is somewhat more challenging online and although email marketing personalisation has been around for some while, developing it further has been challenging and in many cases expensive in recent times.

B2B and B2C

Most of the examples here are based on B2C (Business to Consumer) but, if you think this isn’t for B2B (Business to Business) then think again. Used in conjunction with other platforms and technology it can add another automated layer of relationship building in to your marketing process. The B2B examples are towards the bottom of the page.

Speed of Technology Change

As AI (Artificial Intelligence), ML (Machine Learning) and automation have advanced in digital marketing the capability has significantly increased, but until recently video personalisation has been expensive and generally outside the reach of most small to medium size businesses.

Technology costs come down

Anyone who’s seen technology evolve will have noticed how technology is expensive when it first arrives on the scene and video personalisation is no different. There are some elements of doing this that can send the price into large company only territory, but fortunately we can now personalise in some simple clever ways that won’t break the bank, with the help of Facebook.

Some examples of how they can be used:

Below are some examples of how these types of video can be used. So, let’s start with a coffee shop. This software is designed to work in conjunction with Facebook.

In case you think this is a problem, consider these numbers for the UK – approx. 32 million users, of which 78% are logged on daily – which equates to approx. 25 million people in the UK are logged onto Facebook daily

Once you give access to the app it will help you engage and personalise communications online with your audience. You’ll only need to do this once and you’ll be able watch all the personalised videos on this page to see what they are capable of.

Coffee Shop / Café / Restaurant / Take Away

These are the real world social meeting places, so use this to help improve engagement with your customers and give additional offers and reward loyalty.

Construction / Trades People

Trust is a big deal in this market where there have been so many stories of cowboy builders ruining the reputation of the many. Start building a stronger relationship from the start of the journey.

Retail / E commerce                                      

Personalisation is becoming ever more important in helping make your brand stand out from your competition. The fact is most people are ok with their personal data being used if it helps them and having people view personalised video goes a long way to building brand awareness and sell more products.

Car sales                                                             

Buying a car isn’t a decision that gets made on a Saturday afternoon, it takes weeks and even months of looking and mind changing as we get swayed first one way and then another, so the more personal the communication you can have with your prospect from the start of the journey up to the point of sale the better. Of course, you could also use this for after sales and staying in touch to help ensure the next time they buy a car your top of their list to talk to.

Event Tickets                                                    

Workshops, seminars, concerts, events (whether free or paid) or anything where a ticket can be offered can be used to help ensure:

  • Improved brand awareness
  • Improved engagement with your brand
  • More people show up

Holidays / Travel / Hotels / B&B / Holiday venues                                          

Holiday is a personal time and something we look forward too, but how to be different from everyone else who’s saying, “Use Us”. Simple, talk to them. If you talk to someone and say something they like they want to talk with you more – personalised video can help you do this. Again, think of the journey from first starting to look to remembering what you can and can’t take on the plane and what about when they return, ask for a review – personally.

Business to business B2B                             

Most of the above is focused on B2C (Business to Consumer), which is where it largest use will be, but B2B marketing has changed with the gate keeper systems preventing tele sales and cold call sales activity from being as effective as it used to be.

Combine personal video with LinkedIn, email, postal and tele sales and you can start building a relationship in a personal journey that takes your prospect from not knowing you to talking on the phone, where you won’t need to speak to someone who really doesn’t want to talk to you.

It can also be used with existing customers or as a brand awareness tool, that helps strengthen the relationship all on auto pilot.

What next?

We could tell you to contact us and we’ll build you a video, but in reality, if you don’t have a means of driving traffic to the video, you’ll probably be wasting your money, unless you have an engaged audience on social media or email or large volumes of website visitors who actively engage.

The Journey

Building a journey to video views can be as simple as a Facebook ad or as involved as a multi layered approach where email, social media, ads on various platforms, remarketing and website tracking all play a part.

If you want to know more, fill out the form below and we’ll happily talk to you about your requirements.

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