The Digital Salesman

Question – when you go online do you turn into an alien? No of course not, but when we look at how some approach digital marketing you’d think so sometimes.

Digital Marketing is as much about understanding people as it is about understanding the technology used today and if you keep that in mind, it’s easier to understand what to do with today’s tools.

Data Analysis and Understanding People

In days past, a good salesman would sell more because they understood not just the sales process, but people and when someone was ready to be closed. It sounds so simple, but in reality, the salesperson who also understood people would always sell more than the person who only cared about making the sale.

Want Your Money or Want to Help?

Most of us have met the person who wants the sale for the money as opposed to selling us something we really need and want. It’s probably where the idea of the car salesman came from when you were pushed into buying a ‘not so good!!’ car and then regretting it within a few days when it broke down or worse.

A good salesman will ‘hard sell’ you and you’ll be happy because it’s what you need and want, which raises an important point when it comes to selling whether on or offline.

Do You Have a Valuable Product?

A quality, valuable product or service will not cause upset when sold because the purchaser will be happy with what they’ve bought. If you don’t have a valuable product or service, then review and address accordingly. If a business gets most of it’s work through referral or recommendation, it’s an indicator of the quality of their product or service.

So How Does This Relate to the Digital Salesman?

As with everything the conversation with a salesperson will depend on the circumstances:

Offline Circumstance

Offline Discussion

Online Equivalent

Networking Event never met before.

General, talk about weather, the event or some general relevant topic.

A post that generates a like.

Networking Event met before.

Brief general talk and then “How’s Business”

Show another post on social media.

Someone looking in a retail store, but not asking for help.

Start a conversation, such as “You can get them in other colours”.

Show them there are options.

Someone looking in a retail store, who’s now looking for help.

How can I help you?

Chat bot.

Selling new windows: initial conversation when first meeting after potential customer has expressed an interest.

General chit chat, weather, finding out a bit about the people / person and then finding out what they are looking for, finalised by the conversion where they are closed.

Digital Funnel: Awareness = general chit chat

Evaluation = discovering what they are looking for Conversion = close the sale. 

This shows the correlation between various offline circumstances and how they have an online equivalent.

What Does a Digital Sales Person Look Like?

Your digital Sales Person would look like a sales funnel although you won’t be able to physically see it, no more than you can see what the real-world sales person is going to say and ask, that will move you toward the close.

The Digital Sales Person Challenge

Face to face, you must listen to what someone says and then respond accordingly, but online you don’t know what they are thinking, so it’s somewhat more challenging to figure out what content to show them next. The first challenge is to work out all the topics of conversation, objections, questions and reasons that you can create content about.

This must be placed on the website and traffic driving methods are then used to move people from content to content in relevant sequence. Analytics are then used to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Digital Marketing No Walk in the Park

The reality is, done well, it takes a lot more time than most realise. Magic red buttons don’t exist and where they do, there’s a hidden amount of work that took place to make it happen!

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