People Looking At All The Parts Involved In Digital Marketing - The Challenge Of Running Digital Marketing In House

The number of software options that a marketer needs to be aware of today is staggering to say the least and later in this article I’m going to talk about what this means, but before that, how about a little history to put things into perspective?

Marketing: Past – Present – Future


The past was the printed format, whether brochure, leaflet or published advert in any one of many formats along with TV and radio and that was pretty much your choice. For the smaller business it usually meant the cheaper ad platforms such as local printed publications and the infamous junk mailing.


So to the present, where all the above still exist, but we now have the online tools which have expanded the possible marketing methods way beyond anything we could have imagined back in the days of dial up connection, which heralded the start of the internet as we know it today.


And what of the future – we’ll simply put, in the same way it was difficult to imagine how marketing would change all those years ago, so we find ourselves again today, except because of the speed of change people are more accepting of the possibilities than they were in previous times.

So very different

In the early day’s, you could buy your advertising and sales would follow (if done correctly), but today you have to engage your audience in ways never previously considered.
The speed of change today has created a whole new range of challenges to be mastered regarding marketing as a whole.

So what does this mean for the in house marketing department?

Whether in house online marketing or online marketing agency, the challenge today is one of staying up to date.

But this understates the problem by some considerable margin because the changes happen so fast you barely have time to figure out how to use the latest Facebook update before there’s another update. On top of this a change on one platform often impacts other platforms – for instance Facebook brings out the canvas option (Canvas = a way of showcasing your products) which can be used to advertise to your audience – this then impacts the way you communicate with audiences early in the funnel sequence and can change the content requirements later in their online journey.

New Software

Companies are developing and creating new software at a fast pace and the image by Scott Brinker below highlights the problem facing marketing today. Marketing Technology Landscape

Although not all the software in this image relates to Marketing directly, they all impact what marketing is capable of, through their ability to feed additional data into the marketing systems, which in turn improves the results

On top of these, there are many lesser known options, that come and go because technology changes or the platforms they are designed to work with, likewise update and make them obsolete.

To Wrap Up – Analyst and Aesthetic Combined

The fact is that marketing today requires a different set of skills. You still need the creative aspect, but now you need the analyst as well. There are so many different numbers to monitor it’s become a science mixed with aesthetic and one without the other leads to greater spend and possible failure.

Being able to keep abreast of the updates and new software options has to be in the mix and being able to quickly learn and understand the larger implications of some of these changes is crucial.

To this end we run a standard production model for the standard work and an Agile Marketing system to maintain a continual change process and development.

Finally, the additional benefit of an agency such as ours is that, for most businesses marketing is a small part of what do, so it is difficult to keep up with Marketing technology, which is where Talkativeonline come in. We can bring new ideas and open up alternative markets because of our knowledge and experience across different industries and business types.