There are so many options today, that it can be hard to know what software, what channel you should use.

Websites are becoming ever more sophisticated, but there are key data you must understand, if you want to maximise your results. One key question is, “What do you know about your customer and what do the analytics tell you?” And once you’ve collated all the data what do you do with it?

Online Marketing Funnels:

In the real world, when we talk to someone we need to get to know, we take many actions which we do automatically, such as listening for data (such as an interest in a particular sport) that enables us to keep the conversation going. Online it’s easy to miss these elements and then wonder why things don’t work so well.

So, part of today’s relationship building is understanding about micro commitments and how to identify when someone has engaged sufficiently to be moved to the next stage of the funnel.

Of course that assumes you know how this is done if:

1. You have their email

2. You don’t have their email

Technology allows us to track most everything, although, we only want to track what’s really needed so that we don’t overwhelm ourselves with data that’ll never be used.

They’ve purchased

Is this the first purchase they’ve made? Do you know the life time value of a customer? How much has it cost to win them as a customer? Could you invest more in buying the customer and if you did how many more customers would that give you? How are you going to re-engage them and put them into another buying funnel?
And the questions can go on.

What question should you be asking

How do we maximise the profit from any one customer? And still have them coming back for more! Relationship building online is one point that needs to be focused on, when looking at how to do this.

Where we start

By understanding your customers, where you are now, what you want to achieve and what has proven successful in the past.
We will also analyse your existing figures against each step of any existing campaigns to determine if they can be improved or if they should be changed or plan one or more new campaigns, as needed.

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Ongoing relationship building:

Once the customer has purchased from you the first time, it’s important to build on that relationship and create a return path back into the funnel or sales pipeline. This is where automation plays an important role, by carrying out progressive profiling which helps develop segmented lists that help a business develop a more personal experience for their audience. This will apply whether they are prospects or have crossed the line and become customers.

The more you can learn about your target audiences the more effective your marketing will be.

What we look at:

Your existing funnel/s from initial contact to final step in your process online or where it crosses over to offline.

We will analyse your existing figures against each step of the process and look for areas where a change can make a difference.

Technology, although important, should be subservient to your objective, so having clear objectives and a comprehensive understanding of your prospects and customer’s behaviours will be critical to unlocking your full potential.

Where to start:

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