The Digital Salesman

Question – when you go online do you turn into an alien? No of course not, but when we look at how some approach digital marketing you’d think so sometimes.Digital Marketing is as much about understanding people as it is about understanding the technology used today and if you keep that in mind, it’s easier […]

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30 Social Media Stats that Speak Volumes

Let’s be honest about social media – you either use it for your business or think it’s a waste of time, or don’t do it because you don’t know how.If you are posting you could be following a simple formula – a fun caption or an informative post, a picture, some hashtags and possibly a […]

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Express Yourself in 280 Characters

At long last Twitter has given us more space to breathe and speak by extending our tweets from 140 characters to 280!Cram it inTrying to cram everything you want to say into a Tweet can be quite challenging and very frustrating – we’ve all been there.Twitter is all about brevity and is a great way […]

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