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For the company of today, you are faced with some extraordinary challenges when it comes to managing your online marketing. Online or digital marketing is as much of a science as it is an art form. You need to be spending as much time analysing data as you do creating content to help market your business. Add to this ever changing software and social media channels and it’s clear that we’re all faced with a challenge if we want to stay on top of our game. We take the problem of what to do online away from you or we can work with your team to help guide and support you in this ever changing world of internet marketing.


We are committed to training. We demonstrate this by allocating time for staff to learn and develop every week and this has now become part of our way of life at Talkativeonline. It is underpinned as one of the core values of the company. (See the about us for a complete list of Talkativeonline core values) Therefore, we will come and run courses on how to use specific social media channels, but our training has moved towards being more bespoke and aligned with a strategy. We build training programs that are aimed at specific results as opposed to just training on a platform. Experience has taught us that someone who can apply what they’ve learnt also ‘knows about’, but someone who ‘knows about’ can’t always apply. Because of this our training is hands on and practical.


Strategy, when well thought out and effectively implemented, can win the day, even when the odds appear insurmountable. Many wars such a Trafalgar and Lord Nelson’s victory against the French and Spanish, have born testament to this. In the world of online marketing, where there are so many contributory aspects which can influence winning and losing, strategy has proven, time and again, from our experience in working with companies, to be one of, if not, the most critical factor in attaining success with your online marketing.


Knowing and choosing the right online marketing tools is a challenge at the best of times but with all the options and variables it’s fast become impossible for the casual online marketing approach to have sufficient knowledge to make informed decisions. With everything moving toward automation, dynamic platforms, machine learning and big data it’s become a very technical field, where one person can’t know all that’s needed. It takes a team of specialists, who are regularly using and learning what’s new to maintain the level of knowledge required to be able to provide the type of support today’s business needs.