Managed For You Service

Technology and Aesthetics come together in online marketing to create a new type of marketing company.

Ability to analyse data across multiple platforms and correlate this data so determine optimum behavioural actions is important if we want to see success.

Technology changes are fast and furious, so our ability to cope with this and determine what to ignore and what to test and implement for our customers is all part of our service.

We can either fully manage for you or work with you or your marketing team to provide the technical arm to your digital marketing. Advice and guidance can then help steer your online presence and help increase your online results.

Our Approach to Your Online Marketing:

1. Initial meeting / conversation to determine if we are a good fit for your business

2. Strategy – we will get to know your business and existing marketing both on/off line, understand your customer, research your competition, set targets and budgets, ad spend, align with any existing off line marketing, determine the channels to be used, discuss content creation such as videos, blogs and any other relevant content types.

3. Once complete we’ll start to implement the strategy

4. Ongoing analysis and meetings will take place to ensure targets are being achieved.

Online Marketing

Providing us with data will be an important part, so that we can understand and find key actions taken online that effect the end results such as value of sales. It’s not possible to draw direct comparison between much of the digital marketing activity and end results without sophisticated analysis.

Add it all together:

You will get innovation and ideas that are outside the box, often uncovering opportunities not seen before.

So, whether you just want a straight forward managed social media campaign or a well thought out strategic approach with automated marketing, social media, advertising, email marketing, progressive profiling, lead generation, list building with short and long term goals, we’ll be able to assist you and your business.

Because we have worked for so many different types of business / industry, we are able to cross ideas from one industry to another to help our clients.

How do you view the marketing of your business?

1. Necessary evil which you allocate minimum time to work on?

2. Recognise it’s an investment in your business and allocate a budget and time to maximising its potential.

This might sound harsh, but if you’re in the first category I would be inclined to avoid social media as a means of marketing your business, because even if you do it yourself you will need to allocate time and in truth today you really need to also advertise on the different social media channels for maximum results.

If you fall in the second category, then we can help you.

Our approach to working with you:

1. Initial meeting – usually 1-2 hours – FREE

2. Strategy

3. Start managing your online presence

4. Monitor and review of analytics to further enhance the campaigns on an ongoing basis

There is such a wide range of capabilities online, when it comes to marketing your business that it’s important to ensure you optimise your online approach and that it aligns with any offline marketing as well as your overall business plan.

Whether you’re a small micro business or a medium sized business with a 100 strong workforce, making sure all aspects are aligned is critical to your online success.

Joined up writing:

Ultimately you want more business and this is our focus, so we will talk about how to use various online channels and integrate them with direct mail, telesales and any other offline activity you have running.

What we offer doesn’t fit in a box!

The online world offers opportunity in many forms, many of which aren’t obvious and are not talked about. Below is a list of the different areas we will look at when considering the optimum methods of marketing your business online.

· Facebook

· Twitter

· LinkedIn

· YouTube

· Google+

· Pinterest

· Blogging

· Landing pages - opt in through to sales

· Email marketing

· Automated marketing methods

· Ebay

· Amazon

· Specialist sites

· Other relevant social media sites applicable target audience

We have several powerful online research tools that enable us to extract quality information from the internet, such as:

· What your competition are doing online – adverts / opt ins

· Keywords being used in your field and in particular by your top competition

· What your competition is doing on the social media channels

This enables us to build a comprehensive picture of the online business sector you operate in whether local, national or global as well as a picture of what your competition is doing.

Ongoing, we use various software to track and add specialist capabilities

· Track on website traffic

· Track offsite traffic

· Cart abandonment

· Retargeting and Dynamic remarketing

· Targeting specific businesses in B2B

· And much more

Why not contact us for a more in depth conversation about what you’re looking for.