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Social Media Marketing is Easy, Isn’t it?

When Facebook first started offering businesses the ability to promote their business, it didn’t take too much to figure it out and get started, but those days have long gone.

Before we talk about training in general, let me ask you a question – “Why do you want to market your business online?”

Most likely because “You want more business!”

Why ask this question? Because you don’t need to know everything about a platform to make it work for your business.

Bespoke Training Programs:

The way to get the most out of any training is to ensure you learn what you need to know and can apply what you’ve learnt to the point of getting results.

You Don’t Need to Know Everything About Facebook?

That means you won’t need to know everything inside Facebook. For instance, there are multiple types of advertising in Facebook depending on what you’re trying to achieve. Most businesses only need to know how to use 1 or 2 types, so it’s better if the training only covers what you need.

Apply the same to the different software and campaign building tools and that then forms the basis for the bespoke training.

So, for a small business needing a basic approach you could have the following training program:

· Facebook – basic posting and finding you way around

· Facebook ads – driving traffic to your website and boost a post

· Twitter – basics of how to use including Hashtags

· Blogging – content planning, creating and promoting

· Give away in exchange for an email

· Email marketing on Mail Chimp – basics

· Google analytics – identify key stats and show how access and find

To do a full training on each of these elements would cost £1000’s, but you don’t need to know it all.

The other element we will recommend is the strategy, because there needs to be a clear plan as opposed to a set of random actions being carried out as and when you have the time.

Training on a specific Platform:

If training is required on a platform such as Facebook, then we can run workshops for 1 or more people.

We will discuss the level of the training required and what you want to achieve from the training before we create a program.

Platforms such as Facebook are changing all the time and offering new capabilities or rules on what you are or are not allowed to do, so we build training programs to suit your requirements.

Some of the platforms we can train you on are as follows:

· Facebook

· Twitter

· LinkedIn

· Pinterest

· YouTube

· Google +

· Blogging / Content Creation

· Email Marketing

· Automated Marketing

· Campaign Building

If you want something that’s not on the list contact us as we’re always learning new things.


How many times have we had someone show how something is done on the computer and each step requires a few clicks of a few keys, so we sit there and nod that we understand. The person walks away and we sit there trying to remember that first step which seemed so simple we didn’t make a note of it!

Practical application is crucial if implementation is going to happen. Therefore, even though many individual steps are simple, there are so many little simple steps to remember, we ensure you get a degree of repetitive activity.

Who can we train?

· Employees

· Managers

· Business Owners

· Marketing

· Sales

We generally recommend a maximum of 16 people per class if it consists of online practical coaching (such as Facebook) where the training is being applied as we go through the training, so that we can provide an effective degree of support.

The classes can be larger if there is no online practical element.

How We Work:

Do you know why you want use these channels and how they will be integrated into your existing marketing plans?

If you’re unclear, we would recommend starting with a strategy. This will clarify what you need, how they’ll work together and therefore what training is needed for implementation.

Format of the Training:

We provide training both face to face and over the internet, where we will be viewing your screen and coaching you on what to do. Hands on is our preferred model where possible.

Any training that runs over multiple session will involve homework where you’ll apply what you’ve been taught before the start of the next session. We can then review any problems that have arisen before moving on with the training. This results in a confidence being attained by the end of the training, which shows in the results.

Our Aim:

To get you to a point where you can ‘do’ as opposed to ‘talk about’.

Why Choose Talkativeonline for Your Online Marketing Training?

Difficult subject made simple. We know our subject so well we can break the subject down into simple to understand segments which are easy to consume, even if you are a beginner in this field.

Also, we actually manage social media and online marketing for our clients, so we are well versed in the actuality of building an online world which results in real business being generated. It also means we have experience in running online worlds for many different types of business from retail to safari to councillors, including both B2B and B2C.

Contact us and see what we can do for you – we look forward to hearing from you.