What Is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - sounds simple and obvious, but is it?

Let’s start by considering what digital means – from the online Merriam-Webster dictionary

· of or relating to information that is stored in the form of the numbers 0 and 1

· using or characterized by computer technology

In this article I’m going to use both these definitions as we cover just how pervasive digital marketing has become.

Starting with the first definition “of or relating to information that is stored in the form of the numbers 0 and 1”.

Everything a computer does is based on these two little digits, which when we look at what computers do today, seems almost too incredible to be true, but true it is, which means that Facebook, Google, Twitter and every website are just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s!

The rest of this article is about the second definition “Using or characterised by computer technology” which is all about what we see and how it interacts with itself and us.

How complex is the field of digital marketing today?

The fact is, there are many companies providing software to help you manage your online marketing and business management, but at this point there is no one software that does it all.

There are as many as 3800 different software options available today (see graphic below) and those are just the mainstream options, there are many more companies offering software that have specific, but useful capabilities.

ChiefMartec.com Marketing Technology Landscape

Automation in Marketing

Managing all the different software to extract the optimum results as well as getting the to talk to one another is an ongoing challenge as each software company keeps evolving and the ability to extract new data from one to use in another means you can’t stand still.

Just keeping up with all the changes is a challenge like we’ve never seen before. Talkativeonline has introduced Agile Management techniques to help us maintain control over these ongoing fast paced changes.

If you want to know more about automated marketing, click here.

Today’s Use

We’re all becoming use to the tools that are used for email marketing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale), accountancy, stock control, analysis tools, video management and the many other software business tools, but, they all need to talk to one another, for optimum benefit, which can often prove challenging.

Modern marketing pulls on data from all these tools when looking to gain a better understanding of the customer and prospective customers and how we reach them. The journey of the present-day customer is becoming ever more personalised and aligned to who they are.

Digital Marketing is breaking out from the computer

Ability to scan things in the real world to activate something online is now common and the selfie taken from the real world and placed in the digital world for all to see has become an accepted part of our culture.

Augmented reality is now starting to blur the lines between the virtual and real world as you can look at the real world through your device and see virtual content overlaid in the form of information and images and more, which enables us to engage both in the virtual world and real world at the same time.

If you’ve not looked at this type of technology, watch the video. Exactly how this will play out in the form of digital marketing is not clear, but you can be assured it will impact marketing as we know it, in the years to come.

Where’s it all going?

The technology that exists today which will impact marketing is still evolving, but it’s clear that just like Augmented Reality, holographic and virtual reality, there are other technologies that are going to both impact our lives as well as how marketing works.

The main problem for businesses trying to market their business is the speed of change, we’ve never lived in times when technology changes so fast.

Virtual browsing is here, albeit in its infancy, which means people will point their mobile device at an object and it will start give you options. The visual browser on my phone will recognise a mug and then start offering me options such as coffee or tea and when you click one of these it brings up a wealth of other options just as it would when Googling something and can even offer me a range of local cafés to visit.

Audio engagement is already here with Siri and the like. What impact are they having on what people purchase and how does a business get recognised are all questions being looked at.

All the above is going to impact digital marketing in the coming years in ways it’s probably hard to imagine at present, but it’s coming and Talkativeonline will be at forefront of how it can be used for marketing your business.